Cairdeas - A1 Poster Summary

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Explanation of Idea: a universal design strategy for the Irish town. Cairdeas provides support for older people in their homes using modern technologies; the home is linked to a social hub in the centre of the town. The project operates around a community development platform, allowing redistribution of revenue towards spatial interventions that improve the area. This strengthens local networks and promotes micro‐enterprises to build resilient lifetime communities.

What problem does it solve: Prevents social isolation and loneliness for older people using technology and the principles of Universal Design.

Team Member Names: Amicitia: William Mulvihill, Patrick Mulvihill & Heather Griffin, DMAU Daryl Mulvihill & Milja Hartikainen



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Explanation of Idea: A design to provide suitable, sustainable and user centred accommodation for older people when returning to their own homes after hospital or respite care.

What problem does it solve: Helps solve the problem of choice, anxiety, time, bed blocking in health care and accommodation costs.

Team Member Names: Aiden O’ Donovan (Senior Architectural Technologist), Albert Hamilton (Card Group)


The Abhaile Project (Winner)

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Explanation of Idea: Abhaile is developing an innovative new solution to help address the housing needs of an ageing population, whilst carving much needed new one‐bedroomed rental capacity from our existing housing stock in mature urban areas from a Universal Design approach.

Abhaile supports homeowners to reconfigure their two ‐storey house:  future‐proofing the garden level by creating an independent living area suitable for the older homeowner, eliminating the need to use the stairs; and creating an affordable, single occupancy, one‐bedroomed rental unit upstairs (subject to local authority agreement).

What problem does it solve: Instead of suggesting that older homeowners move out of their homes into custom built schemes, Abhaile promotes an efficient way to use our existing housing stock.

Abhaile is a new idea that applies an innovative design to one of our most common urban house layouts ‐ the three‐bedroomed semi‐D ‐ whilst incorporating good tax, legal and financial planning. Another important aspect of the design is to allow the homeowner to live securely and independently downstairs, whilst promoting interaction with the person living upstairs, thereby reducing isolation.

Team Member Names: Michelle Moore, Founder Dermot Bannon, Architect Ciaran Ferrie, Architect


Multi‐Generational Adaptable Homes

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Explanation of Idea: The concept allows for a number of small but significant changes in the specification for a new home designs which will enable residents to alter, extend or subdivide their home in order to meet their future needs.

By building in adaptability at construction stage the cost of change is minimised when adaptation takes place. The proposed new housing typology allows for various configurations that allow the dwelling to adapt, not just in one lifetime but over several lifetimes as housing needs change. The concept supports the principle of integrated yet independent living. It allow for down‐sizing, sub‐division, extending, adaptation and creation of a live‐work space with minimal disruption and expense.

What problem does it solve: Allows for down‐sizing without having to move out, allows for parents to assist their children in realising their first home and allows for independent living. There is a mutually beneficial relationship in having an integrated community where people of all ages make a contribution to society.

Team Member Names: Westmeath Capital Housing Design Team, Leo Noone, Paul Hogan, (Team Leader), Helena Heffernan, Mark Kerrigan, Patrick Henderson (Project Architect), Thomas Flynn, Veronica O’Boyle, Eoghan Lynch. (Micheal Gaffney).


UrbanAge ‐Housing/Urbanism Synergies for Smart Ageing

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Explanation of Idea: UrbanAge emphasises the synergy between age‐friendly homes, Universal Design, and sustainable urbanism, and proposes a decision‐support tool to maximise these synergies and match housing needs, housing models and urban sites.

What problem does it solve: Solves the ‘confusing array’ of housing models, deficient age‐relevant site information, and a lack of processes delivering integrated solutions.

Team Member Names: Tom Grey, Dimitra Xidous and Prof Mark Dyer, representing TrinityHaus in Trinity College Dublin / Margarita Solon, McAuley Place, Prof. Des O’Neill, Consultant Geriatrician and Professor of Medical Gerontology and Dick Gleeson, former Head of Planning at Dublin City