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We are delighted to announce The Abhaile Project as the winner of Homes for Smart Ageing Universal Design Challenge (HSAUDC) 2017!

The Abhaile Project team collecting the HSAUDC 2017 trophy with Minister Damien English, T.D and HSAUDC Committee Members at Dublin Castle, 28th June.

The Abhaile Project were one of Five Commended Entries that were selected from the Round 1 Entry process for the HSAUDC 2017. After launching the challenge early this year we received a fantastic array of ideas submitted that demonstrate innovation in the design and delivery of solutions for adaptable and smart homes.

You can find a summary for each of the Five Commended Entries here or view their short video summaries by clicking the icon above.

Five Commended Entries - Click for summary

The overarching objective of the HSAUDC is to develop ideas that will improve the quality of life for older persons in Ireland in the context of Action 2.19 of the Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness and the Programme of Actions for Smart Ageing.

The Five Commended Entrants were each awarded €10,000 in prize money and advanced into Round 2 to further develop their ideas and competed for the €50,000 prize given to the overall winner.

Keep up-to-date with the Five Commended Entrants on our News page, Facebook and Twitter.

Adaptable and smart homes will be the future in the developed world with advantages from saving energy, to creating homes suitable for a lifetime

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Rebuilding Ireland is an Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness, designed to accelerate housing supply in Ireland through practical and readily implementable set of actions such as stimulating and encouraging the design and construction industries to be innovative in designing and delivering housing solutions for older people.

€100,000 in prizes, with a €50,000 grand prize winner and five €10,000 prizes

Centre for Excellence in Universal Design

People regardless of age, size, ability or disability are positively contributing to the social, economic and cultural life of our communities. Finding suitable homes that can accommodate our needs over time is a real challenge – whether for families with children, a person with a temporary or permanent injury, someone with a disability, or an older person living independently. Universal Design meets everyone’s needs through flexible homes designed to adapt to lifecycle and lifestyle patterns of people over time.

Inspiring people to think differently about better quality homes for everyone

Smart Ageing

Smart Ageing

Smart ageing is a broad concept that has been defined as ‘using technology and innovation in both the public and private sectors to produce products, services, solutions, and systems to improve the quality of life of people ages 50 and over’.

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Universal Design

Universal Design is the design and composition of an environment, including public places, so that it can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people, regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.

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Design Challenge

HSAUDC is an open call for ideas that can demonstrate innovation in the design and delivery of solutions for adaptable and smart homes. The objective is to develop ideas that will improve the quality of life for older persons in Ireland.

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This is an initiative of the Government of Ireland